There is very little doubt that Audis are among the best vehicles. Mechanical problems are quite rare with Audis, but like any other car types your Audi will have wear and tear, which depreciates their quality. Here are some common problems that you as Audi owner could encounter:


  1. Issues with the Electrical Components

Audi’s electrical components are prone to malfunctions and problems even though they are of top-notch quality. Non-functioning tail lamps are among a couple of problems that a lot of Audi owner’s encounter. The good news is that the parts can easily be replaced.


  1. Common Oil Issues with Audi Vehicles

Audi engines can sometimes leak oil. Oil leaks can lead to dangerous situations, such as damaging the vehicles electronics or even causing a fire. It’s best to check for oil leaks regularly and to get them fixed immediately to avoid high expenses and damage to the vehicle


  1. Failing Spark Plugs

This is perhaps the most common problem found in Audis. Failed spark plugs cause ignition failure. You can avoid this problem by using OE spark plugs.


  1. Timing Belt

Wear and tear, in most cases, is the main reason behind the car’s timing belt problems. If you fail to maintain the timing belt, there could be a costly problem in your hands. If the timing belt stops functioning or tears while you’re driving, your pistons might end up taking all of the damage.


  1. Strange/Unusual Sounds

Identify where the noise is coming from and when it occurs. Listen carefully to the sound, so you can accurately describe the noise. As soon as possible, take your Audi vehicle for a service. When you take your Audi vehicle in let the technician knows where the noise is coming from, when it occurs and what it sounds like. This will help them determine what’s going on with your vehicle, and help them diagnose and fix the problem in no time.


Let the specialist at VAG Spec Centre maintain your Audi regularly and its parts will keep operating smoothly.

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