Faulty Ignition coils:


Faulty Ignition coils are an electronic engine management component that are part of the vehicle’s ignition system. The function of the ignition coil is to convert the vehicle’s 12 volts into several thousand that are required to jump the spark plug gap and ignite the engin’s air-fuel mixture.
It often happens that an ignition coil can have an electrical fault or the part self can malfunction.

There are numerous symptoms that one can identify when it comes to a faulty ignition:
1. Backfiring- This symptom comes in early stages of the faulty ignition. There will be black smoke coming through the exhaust pipe and the smell of petrol in the smoke can also indicate that the ignition coils are faulty.

2. Engine misfiring- When starting the vehicle, there will be a “coughing/sputtering” sound from the engine. Thereafter, when driving a high speed, the vehicle will jerk, and when idling the vehicle will also vibrate.

3. Stalling of vehicle- The damaged ignition coil can cause the cutting out/stalling of the vehicle. This is caused by the irregular sparks sent to the spark plugs by the faulty ignition coil.

4. Engine light- The “check engine” light will turn on. When the vehicle is being diagnosed by a specialist, the engine code will show that there is a Circuit Malfunction, probably due to faulty the ignition coil.

5. Hard starting- This problem will occur especially if your vehicle uses a single ignition coil. The engine will be cranking without sparks inside the cylinders, making it hard to start your vehicle.

Faulty ignition coils must be replaced and cannot be repaired. You can drive your vehicle for a short time with a damaged ignition coil, but we would advise you not do it at all. You can run the risk of damaging the converter or the starting of a fire when driving with a faulty ignition.

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