Volkswagen: How it began

Volkswagen is a car company originally from Germany. The word Volkswagen means “People’s car” in German. It was started in the 1930s, at the request of the country’s leader, Adolf Hitler, to produce a vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Vw’s headquarters are in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony.

The purpose of the first Vw vehicle was to answer the people’s transportation needs, and it was intended to give them joy. However, soon after the first VW vehicle was displayed at the Berlin Motor Show in 1939, World War 2 began, and Volkswagen halted production.

The first Vw vehicle was called the VW Type 1 and later on got nicknames like the Beetle or Bug, named after its shape. As we all know, this vehicle is known for its engine that is located at the back of the vehicle.
In 1949 the first VW Beetle was sold in America. Germany sold only two vehicles that year, but after it became more famous, the sales picked up drastically.

The Beetle became extremely famous among the people and in 1968 Disney released the film, Herbie, about a VW Beetle with the mind of its own. Thereafter, it was every person’s dream to own a Beetle.
Due to the fact that the production of the VW vehicles thrived and a lot more models were produced, they announced the end of the Beetle’s production in June 2003, as for people were not interest in the Beetle anymore and wanted the better models that was being produced.

Volkswagens make great vehicles due to the fact that the car is equipped with compact European designs, gorgeous interiors, high-tech attributes, sleek designs and family values.
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