People often hear these terms when buying a car without every really knowing what the difference is. Each of these are important assurances to have when thinking of the care and upkeep of your vehicle, but everyone needs to informed.



First on the agenda is a warranty. Warranties are often bought when you buy your vehicle and is bought from the car manufacturer. The warranty is an assurance that any parts that fail prematurely will be repaired and/or replaced. This is only if the cause was not by external factors.

Due to new guidelines manufacturers cannot void a warranty as long as car has been serviced timely and at an ISP that corresponds with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Motorist, however, are not actually allowed to take their car to an ISP for warranty related repairs. The manufacturer themselves are responsible for the repairs.

Items normally included under warranty are normally engine, fuel system-and pump, driveshafts and axles, brake components, etc.


Service Plan


Service plans usually cover service parts as well as labor cost related to the service. All costs and in accordance with the car manufacturers (OEM) Service schedule.

Items regularly included in this plan are things like oils, filters, sparkplugs and other items typically included in a service. It is the right of the customers when buying a vehicle to be given the service plan separately with all items and their cost all separately listed.

Service plans do not include maintenance items that are needed due to misuse of the car, modifications or accidents.

Customers must have the right to decide whether or not to purchase the service plan for the vehicle. If you do, however, purchase the service plan you can only take your car to your dealership. Your manufacturer is not required to pay any cost for work done at an ISP if you have a service plan.

Labor costs are generally covered. Also if certain repairs are not included in this plan, you will most likely find it in a maintenance plan. The plan will detail what you covered for and what not.


Maintenance Plan


This plan is basically a comprehensive service plan.  This plan covers scheduled services as well as items that need repair/replacement due to normal wear-and-tear. Items that are covered include brake pads, wiper blades and also major items like clutch and gearbox.

These plans are also set for fixed periods of time, usually the plan would be set for example 7 years or 105 000 km. These are basic time periods for such plans.



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Knowing the difference between these plans help you to avoid making very costly mistakes. We want the best for you and your vehicle. At VAG spec centre let us help you take care of your care and take care of your interests.




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