If you have a warranty or an insurance membership for your vehicle then you may have heard about an insurance write-off before. What does it mean though? What kind of damage would result in a complete write off? Well, you are going to find out.


An insurance write-off happens when a car has been damaged to such an extent that the cost of repairs doesn’t make financial sense. These damages can be extensive and aggressive, some are only cosmetic damages. An insurance write-off does not always imply an enormous accident and damage as far as the eye can see. It’s also small damages that are just EXTREMELY expensive to repair or replace.

When you take your car in for rep[airs and your vehicle is declared written-off than ownership of the vehicle is transferred to your insurance company and you get a compensation pay-out, or alternatively what sometimes happens, in categories N  and S,  is the car is returned to you ,at cost, if you wish to attempt the repairs although your insurance will not be liable.


For a car to be written-off it needs to be assessed by the workshop mechanic and then once the vehicle is quoted for repair and your claim is made, and then your insurance company assess the damage and then calculate costs. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car, the car is deemed written off.


For a car to be deemed written off doesn’t mean it is out of order. A car written-off only implies the extent of financial damage, not physical damage. Your insurance will be obligated to pay out a settlement fee which is determined based off what they valued your car at. If both parties agree on terms then your insurance will detain your car and you will go on your merry way without a vehicle.


What you need to know regarding this predicament is understanding the process, knowing how much you will get and how to say goodbye to a once loved and cherished object. It is crucial that you are fully clued up on the process of such a claim and the process. If you are caught unawares not fully understanding what your position is then you could be losing out, greatly.

The process paperwork that you will need to provide will be your car’s complete registration and also your settlement papers if your car is still under finance.

To know how much you are getting out is important, because you will need a new mode of transport which will be very costly. There are certain things that very negatively affect how much you will be getting. Some of these things are things like the following:

Saying goodbye to your car is a difficult experience and it often feels like such a trauma to have to go through. But there are many things you should now know for future reference, like for example, the fact that VAG Spec Centre is a 5-star RMI Certified workshop. We handle your claims, we handle your repairs and we want your interests put first. We want to help you soften the blow.

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